HDS Mail Manager

Product_Mail-Manager1Automate mail management

In today’s highly linked world, mail overload is a problem many organizations experience. Managing correspondence – incoming and outgoing letters, packages, emails and faxes – can be a challenge.

HDS Mail Manager is a SaaS-based mail management solution that automates the registration and handling of all company mail. Not only providing a simple process for organizing all correspondence, but also allowing for its traceability and archiving. Say “goodbye” to lost mail or packages!

How Mail Manager works:

  • Each arriving email, letter, fax or package is recorded into the system by the company’s reception service or can be scanned and uploaded directly.
  • A notification message is generated automatically (and sent to the addressee)
  • The employees are requested to analyze the type of letter received, e.g. whether this is a customer claim, a sales quotation request or a letter from a government administration.
  • Based on the type of the letter, the system requires the user to select the next action and the person to whom the task is assigned.
  • No letter remains without a response or action. This fosters increased customer satisfaction, reduced risk exposure and missed business opportunities.
  • Additionally, all outgoing letters and parcels are registered. The parcel delivery company is notified and all delivery costs are properly traced within the system. At the end of the month the system matches deliveries declared in the invoice with all deliveries registered internally.

Benefits of using mail manager software

Traceability, archiving and no more lost mail!

Scan all letters, emails and incoming faxes, including attachments, directly into the system for online archiving. Automatically send email notification to the addressee when a document or package is recorded.

Detailed features

Management of letters, emails, faxes, incoming packages

Manage and archive all company correspondence, send registered documents and automatically notify addressee of delivery. The system allows the possibility to assign certain values to a package such as priority, department, etc.

Workflow overview

Once recorded into the system, you can set the status of each object and know when it has been handled, or can reroute the task to another person if a preset delay has expired.

Automatic electronic archiving

Scanned documents can be reviewed and transmitted to colleagues for execution within a determined timeframe. All documents and related information is archived on the platform and easily accessible online for future consultation or printing.

Generate documents from prepared templates

Use templates to create official letters, choosing from several formats and delivery options including fax, email or printed letter.

Electronic signature options for outgoing courier

Sign each outgoing document electronically using the company signature or certificate. HDS Courier supports most known electronic signature formats and is conform with all European legislation regarding electronic signatures, including for invoices.

Reports and statistics

Access reports and statistics on all recorded documents according to their source, status or processing times.

Indexing and search

User restricted search of the document archives, using key words or other filters.

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