AVIVA Case Study

“Until today, GESROOM and TELEMAQUE have always been very efficient and our users are satisfied.”
Mrs. MASCREZ, Responsible host at AVIVA.


AVIVA is a multinational insurance company with headquarters located in France. With more than 2,500 on-site employees, visitor traffic represents significant volumes. A comprehensive vision of the visitor flows in and out of their offices is essential to providing optimal, quality visitor reception.

Moreover, due to a centralization of teams on this one site, meetings became more and more numerous making room reservation management complicated. Previously, AVIVA was using a basic solution for the management of visitor access and reservation of conference rooms that involved a long, unreliable process for receptionists and visitors. In addition, the management of food services and time tracking became an arduous, time-consuming manual process.

Aviva was looking for a scalable, simple to use solution to optimize visitor reception and room reservations.


After consulting multiple vendors, AVIVA chose two HDS Safeware products: Telemaque for visitor management and Gesroom for room reservation management. Their decision was based mainly on the ease of use and flexible features of these products.

Telemaque: Visitor Management Software

For visitor management, AVIVA chose TELEMAQUE which handles visitor access from the moment a parking or badge request is made until the visitor leaves the site. Aviva particularly appreciated the automation features and the ability to easily adapt procedures to company policies.

Receptionists register visitor information automatically simply by scanning personal ID cards. Telemaque is integrated with their internal IT and company directory (LDAP) ensuring smooth operation between applications.

AVIVA also needed a solution for managing group visits and TELEMAQUE has what they needed. The parking module also makes it possible to reserve a parking spot for a visitor and manage the distribution of available spaces.

Gesroom: Meeting Room Reservation Management Software

Following a centralization of employees to the main office, Aviva had an increased volume of meeting room reservations. This created many issues of unavailable or overbooked meeting rooms. Gesroom provided all of the functionality needed to manage meeting room reservations. The application allows users to have a clear overview of room availability, size and room configuration, as well as equipment and amenities per room. Once a room is reserved, it is no longer available and emails are automatically sent to meeting participants and to the parties responsible for coordinating equipment or catering services.


AVIVA has been a satisified HDS-Safeware customer for over nice years. Télémaque and Gesroom have allowed them to optimize visitor reception and room reservation management. The simplified online process has allowed Aviva to significantly improve productivity. Télémaque has been responsible for the improved quality of visitor reception and better security thanks to the complete traceability of visitors on site. Gesroom gives users the ability to obtain the resources they need at the right time for maximum efficiency. Both applications offer reporting tools and statistics for visibility into usage rates, visitor traffic and room allocation.