HDS helps Adecco Bulgaria to reduce cost and to improve productivity in back office

Automating the distribution of pay slips

The company

Adecco is a leading provider of complete outsourcing solutions in the fields of IT and Business Support, recruitment services, and temporary workforce solutions. We hire for the most prominent companies in different industries as well as for our internal managed services projects. The number of its employees is approximately 33,000 in over 60 countries all over the world.

The challenge

As a provider of HR services and outsourcing solutions, Adecco was sending thousands of pay slips every month to all of their employees. Because of the large number, the process of publishing and distribution was not only time consuming but also costly. The company needed to find a way to send all of their payslips in one day without incurring high cost and reducing document management. Since the pay slips are confidential the process had to respect high confidentiality standards. All these led the company to seek the assistance of a company, which is a professional in that area.
Adecco values the expertise and the ready and simple to implement solutions of Hamilton. So they relied on Hamilton for analyze their current process and to propose an electronic pay slip solution to their problems.

The solution

HDS is known as a leader for its delivery of SaaS solutions. Hamilton business applications enable business to improve process efficiency and back-office productivity. The solutions use the latest technologies and security, combined with a flexible user-friendly interface and help customers cut costs.

As a solution to Adecco’s challenge, HDS recommended a best practice Software as a Service solution that has a flexible integration with payroll solutions – their secure electronic document exchange platform. The platform manages the secure upload, delivery and archiving of document. Senders are identified on the platform by their name (specified when registering on the system) and an electronic signature. The system allows the user to make a mass import and distribution of all pay slips with only one click, immediately integrating contact data into the correspondence to receiver and protocols. All documents and document history is stored on the platform. Employees can access their electronic pay slips through their account and Adecco has a complete trace of all transactions and activities.

As dealing with private, sensitive documents all HDS products have been certified by Bureau Veritas for quality management (ISO 9000) and for information security (ISO 27001). HDS was also able to offer Adecco multilingual user support tailored to its hours of operation and an experienced project management team.

The results

The implementation of the Hamilton solution represented a low financial risk for Adecco. Thanks to the flexibility of the system and assistance provided by the experts of HDS, Adecco was operational almost immediately. From the very first month they found that the time for preparation and distribution of the pay slips has significantly diminished. In the following months the time for distribution continued to decrease, as users became accustomed to the user interface and adopted easily the new process. Overall the optimization and automation of this new paperless process decreased costs by 60%. Using this advanced web-based solution, proposed and implemented by HDS, Adecco has a much more modern image compare to its competitors.


“From the start HDS accompanied us through the process of implementing the new electronic pay slip delivery process, from analysis and conception through the support and deployment of the system. The solution was adopted easily by our teams and users and cost and time savings were felt quickly. We can confidently recommend HDS as a trusted partner for the management of secure electronic documents”.

Alexander Nikolov, Financial director

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