HDS Product Return


Create a streamlined return process

HDS Product Return manages the product return process from the initial customer call through to the product return and RMA issuance.

Key advantages of the HDS Product Return:

  • Track and analyze product return issues
  • Automate work distribution
  • Ensure all the return materials are reviewed and approved
  • Reduce the time spent on communication regarding returns
  • Gain full traceability of the approval process
  • Help optimize gross margin

How Product Return works:

When a customer calls with a product for return, an agent enters all relevant information into the system, starting a predefined workflow process. This ensures rapid analysis and approval of the return. Once approved, an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) is generated and an RMA number can be entered into the system. When the product is returned, a credit note can then be issued to the client.

Benefits of product return management

Increased customer satisfaction

An unresolved product quality issue can have a very negative impact on a company’s image. This solution means its possible to quickly register product return issues, analyse the cause and quickly to respond to customer needs. The company is then able to resolve quality issues in a proactive manner.

Maximize company margin

Product returns can represent a significant amount of the company gross margin. Non-controlled returns may result in significant financial losses.

Generate new business

Helping a customer with their product return is often an opportunity to generate a sale. When the product is no longer in warranty this can be after sales services, spare parts or even selling a new product.

Product features

Easy fulfillment of product return requests

Intuitive screen assists users in analyzing the reason for a product return and collects information needed to decide whether to accept the product return.

Flexible approval process

Multiple workflows can be implemented, allowing simultaneous approvals by the quality specialists, service engineers or the finance manager, for example.

Helpful reminders

Tasks are available in the inbox of all users and reminders are sent to keep the approval process flowing smoothly.

Follow the product return status

Possibility to consult at any time the return status of a product and to determine where it is in the return process.

Clear archival history

All finished product cases are archived with complete return information.

Multiple report options

Customize reports on just about any level, such as the total number of products returned, the RMAs issues, by category, by sales rep, by client, etc.

See it in Action

Client Testimonial

Schneider Electric in Greece chose HDS Product Return to manage the product return process. The solution has allowed them to analyze whether product returns are due to logistic error, to a quality issue under warranty or a quality issue out of warranty. Overall response times and treatment to product return requests has been improved. Implementing HDS Product Return has also allowed the company to provide a quick response to the client about whether his claim can be accepted. A process is set up in the case of returns outside of the warranty period that allows Schneider to generate additional repair services and spare parts sale. In addition, the finance department is now able to easily control that no credit notes are issued without a properly approved product return form.