HDS Sales Targets

Product_Sales_Targets1Increase productivity with web-based sales targets

Successful companies stimulate their employees for higher achievements by continually setting short and long term targets at every level, establishing and monitoring the completion of sales targets over days, weeks, months or years.

Hamilton Sales Targets uses a web-based platform to speed up the transmission and acceptance of sales targets, bypassing typically overloaded email channels and providing your back office team with greater productivity.

How Sales Targets works:

  • Management compiles sales targets for the week, month or year period
  • Employees receive their sales targets and confirm reception
  • Authorized persons can reject the sales targets by giving an explanation
  • Employees receive a summary of sales targets achievements at the end of the period


Benefits of using web-based sales targets

Eco friendly and cost effective solution

Send sales targets electronically to all employees, reducing printing and processing costs, eliminating inefficient manual processing and errors, and increasing back office staff productivity.

Convenience and automation

Improves speed and quality of service of organizations thanks to electronic transmission and automation while using standard secured communication protocols for sharing sales targets with employees.

Increased productivity

Accomplish mass distribution with one click, integrating contact data and protocols without the manual work, significantly increasing productivity and saving time.


All information is shared under high levels of security and kept within the system, only parties sending and receiving sales targets are allowed to consult the data, eliminating access to sensitive information by search engines, ordinary email or other employees.


Mass operations

Mass import and distribution of sales targets to all employees in one click, immedi­ately integrating contact data into the correspondence for receiver and protocols. Authorized persons can make mass approval or rejection of the targets.


All sales targets are stored chronologically for as long as needed and archived automatically in an integrated system ensuring proper archiving by a built-in checking mechanism and providing accurate and appropriate archiving and retrieval capabilities for traceability and auditing.


Automatic and electronic archiving of sales targets allows for easy retrieval. Search and re­trieve sales targets for the necessary period via an intuitive web-based interface linked to the company’s archive.

Possibility to download all “Sales Targets”

Senders and recipients can download and store locally all messages and documents sent via the system.


The system is compatible with an array of formats, including PDF, XML, Tiff and more.

Help desk

HDS ensures a 24 x 7 x 365 help desk by mail with names and contacts at HDS Group displayed on the system.

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