HDS Electronic Invoicing

Product_HDS-Electronic_Invoicing1Secure Electronic Invoicing

Companies encounter many difficulties when working with paper invoices. The process is cumbersome, time consuming, and invoices are lost … With paperless billing companies can save time and money. Many companies and governments are moving towards electronic invoicing for these reasons. In addition to the financial advantages, the reliability and traceability of electronic invoices are a big advantage in today’s compliance-heavy working environment.

With the HDS electronic invoicing platform you can:

  • Reduce your billing costs up to 50% saving printing costs, postage, etc…
  • Reduce processing time and payment of invoices
  • Keep safe records; Electronic invoices are archived for ten years and are accessible by you and your customers.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal and tax regulations imposed by the European Union.


Save money: By saving on the cost of paper, postage and printing, electronic invoicing helps reduce billing costs by as much as 50%! Time spent on managing the billing process is also reduced.
Get paid faster: Electronic invoicing reduces the time needed to process invoices. It also eliminates errors such as “I forgot”, “I never received it”, etc… The result is that you are paid much more quickly!
Productivity Gain: Eliminating the manual process of entering, printing and mailing invoices, and replacing this with an automated online process results in a net gain in productivity for your business!
Traceability: Electronic invoices are always delivered and reception is confirmed. An email is sent and event recorded in eInvoice when the recipient clicks on the link delivering the invoice. A history is kept of all actions and messages pertaining to each document.
Legal compliance: Rest easy knowing that your documents conform to tax and legal regulations pertaining to electronic invoicing. All documents are signed electronically and comply with the legal requirements of each country in the EU. They also comply with requirements for tax audits.
Security: Electronic documents are more reliable than paper documents. The HDS secure electronic document platform offers the highest levels of security and reliability by using the tightest encryption and strict security norms. Documents are “transported” through the Internet encrypted and only those channels with appropriate access rights can view.
Confidence: The recipient can verify the presence of the electronic signature and thus be sure of the authenticity and integrity of all documents received. The sender is identified by its name and electronic signature, the session is recorded and can be displayed.
Environmentally friendly! Reduce your carbon footprint by replacing paper with electronic invoicing.


Document upload: upload invoices in all most commonly used formats (PDF, TIFF, XLS …)
Automated invoicing process: Automatically import or export data and xml files to/from your ERP.
Large Integration: integrate with virtually any ERP or Accounting system.
Multiple File upload: Upload and send a mass mailing of invoices at the same time.
Receipt confirmation: To comply with EU regulations, the receipt of each document or message is confirmed by the recipient BEFORE opening and consulting document.
Authenticity: All documents sent by the HDS secure document transfer platform are digitally signed before sending. The system supports the majority of electronic signature and certificate solutions.
Complete document history: Each event pertaining to an invoice or document is saved and archived in the document history (reception, comments, refusals …).
Archiving: All documents, electronic signatures and certificates in their original form are archived for a period of 10 years and indexed chronologically.
Easy Search: Includes multi-criteria search filters of invoices and archived documents.
Restitution and local printing: Possibility to download and save in accordance with local legal access rights and restitution requirement.

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