HDS ePayslips


Reduce costs by eliminating paper payslips from the payroll process

Specifically designed to speed up the process of payslip transmission and acceptance, HDS ePayslip™ is a web-based application that allows companies to achieve true back office efficiencies and improved business sustainability by eliminating paper payslips from the payroll process.

Giving your payroll team greater productivity, ePayslip™ meets country-specific regulatory requirements, includes ISO27001 security encryption and standard communication protocols for compliant exchange of electronic payslips and directly integrates into your existing payroll system.

Key advantages of ePayslip:

  • Integrates with payroll platforms – uses XML, PDF and other formats, ensuring legal compliance
  • Improves back office productivity – by eliminating paper processes
  • Automatically archives payslips – for convenient retrieval and long term storage and for compliance
  • Secure channel for employee exchanges – uses secured electronic signatures and allows for private notification of data entry errors.
  • Anywhere, anytime accessibility – can be used on-site or in the cloud to adapt to company growth
  • Adapts to company practices – payable upfront or in monthly installments.

Take the ePayslip™ test drive today and see how it can transform your security operations or schedule a one-on-one with an ePayslip™ expert.

Benefits of using paperless payslips

Eco friendly and cost effective

Send payslips electronically to all employees, lowering postage, printing and processing costs, eliminating inefficient manual processing and errors, and increasing back office staff productivity.

Eliminates loss of payslips

ePayslip™ security, archiving and retrieval features lower the risks to your business and your employees.

Provides convenience and automation

Improves speed and quality of service of organizations thanks to electronic payslip transmission and automation while using standard secured communication protocols for sharing with employees.

Increases productivity

Accomplish mass distribution with one click, integrating contact data and protocols without the manual work.

Complete confidentiality

All information is encrypted and kept within the system and only sending and receiving parties are allowed to consult the data, eliminating access to sensitive information by search engines, ordinary email or other employees.


Payslip sender identification

The session is recorded and displayed only after senders identify themselves on the platform with their pre-registered name and elec­tronic signature.

Electronic signature

All payslips must be signed by the sender using electronic signature. This allows the receiver to verify the signature and be sure of the authenticity and integrity of all messages.

Mass import

Mass import and distribution of all payslips in one click, immedi­ately integrating contact data into the correspondence for receiver and protocols.

Integration with your Payroll System

Integrated via a standard interface with all mainstream payroll systems, export and import payslips securely via the system.

Payslip encryption

Strict standards of security thanks to encryption of payslips and encryption key being stored only on the employee’s computer. In case of computer theft or loss, a spare encryption key is kept on our server and can be obtained via a special authorization process.

Receipt confirmation

Access to the document is obtained only when the recipient clicks the “accept document” button before opening and viewing.


All original payslips, electronic signatures and certificates of authenticity are stored chronologically for 10 years or more, depending on local taxation guidelines and follow legal and tax requirements for terms or storage. Built-in checking mechanism ensures proper archiving and retrieval capabilities for traceability and auditing


Automatic and electronic archiving of payslips and related documents allows for easy retrieval. Search and re­trieve payslips via an intuitive web-based interface linked to the company’s archive.

Possibility to download all payslips

Senders and recipients can download and store locally all messages and documents sent via the system.


The system is compatible with an array of formats, in­cluding PDF, XML, TIFF and more.

Legal proof

In case of dispute, the system provides a legal proof that is compliant to EU and other country legislation, adopting inter­nationally recognized secured electronic signatures.

System hosting

HDS Group operates its solutions from its own data center certified to ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO27001 (information security management).

Mutual acceptance

The Terms of Use must be accepted by the beneficiaries be­fore completion of registration. Consent must be obtained from senders and recipients. Com­munication Terms & Conditions for acceptance by send­ers and recipients apply.

Help desk

HDs Group ensures a 24 x 7 x 365 help desk via e-mail, with names and contact information displayed on the system.

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