HDS Purchasing

Product_Purchase1Take advantage of fast and compliant purchasing management

For companies that do not have a clearly defined purchasing process, often the biggest challenge is how to oblige employees to follow a company-wide purchasing policy. By putting in place an easy-to-use automated purchasing process, complex purchasing rules can be simplified leading to increased employee adoption and the elimination of errors due to time-consuming and inaccurate manual processes.

With only a limited investment, HDS Purchasing helps organizations speed-up the entire procurement cycle and helps companies to realize significant cost savings and increased overall productivity.

Key advantages of HDS Purchasing:

  • Save time – reduce lengthy manual, paper-based operations
  • Control spending – no spending committed without a due pre-approval
  • Gain efficiency – automated approval process, automated generation of Request for Information, Requests for Proposal and Purchase Orders
  • Save on costs – establish catalogue of pre-negotiated products and services, imbedded tender process, obligatory approval


Benefits of automating the purchasing process

Increased productivity

Automates the complete procurement cycle from purchase request to authorization and payment transforming it into a smooth and efficient process. Allows for multi-level authorizations depending on purchasing categories and uses a system of notifications and escalations so that purchasing is done on time.

Reduced expenditures

Helps condition employees to better control spending thanks to an automated system of checks for purchases against pre-approved budgets.

Controlled purchasing prices

Manages purchasing for goods from both pre-negotiated price lists and those requiring submission of a quotation request. Pre-negotiated supplier and goods catalogues can easily be maintained in the system that automatically submits requests for quotes to short listed suppliers, managing the process until successful closing.

Increased compliance

Ensures that all purchasing processes are compliant with internal and external regulations, helping to significantly reduce the cost of compliance audits.

Better supplier discounts

By reducing the number of suppliers and by driving demand to specific suppliers, better discounts can be obtained.

Compliance evidence

Provides approval and communication history on approved purchases and keeps electronic archives of all requests, offers, approval history, purchase orders, to ensure complete compliance and document availability for internal audits whenever necessary.

Paperless process

Use less paper and save money and the environment by taking the purchasing process online.

Main features:

  • Purchase Request creation
  • Purchase process via pre-approved suppliers and price lists
  • Purchase process via tenders
  • Automated preparation of Requests For Quotation, Purchase Orders
  • Automated purchase selection process
  • Multi-level approval that may depend on type of goods and services purchased
  • Compliance evidence, electronic archive of RFQ, quotations, history of approval
  • Reporting & Statistics

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