Product_Expense1Automate the complete expense reporting and approval process

HDS Expense automates the corporate expense reporting and approval process, from expense report creation to validation, processing and auditing.

HDS Expense is hosted on the Hamilton Business Application Cloud Hub and combines the perfect mix of standard features and customization possibilities to meet all your business expense reporting needs.

Key advantages of HDS Expense:

  • Fast processing – accelerate expense request creation and approval
  • Gain visibility – identify and control excessive spending
  • Ensure compliance – conform with company expense reimbursement policies
  • Automate reporting – facilitate internal and external compliancy requirements

Benefits of automating online expense reporting

Controlled Spending

Controls employee expenditures by automating the expense report process, ensuring that company travel and expense polices are followed and indicates prior to submitting the report if expenses are out of policy. Numerous options are available to managers for managing policy violations and identifying trends and variances in employee expenditures, proactively minimizing unnecessary costs.

Ensured Regulatory Compliancy

Consolidates complex regulatory and internal reporting requirements that often vary from one country to the next and differ between industries. Offers a standardized platform based on industry best practice, customized by language, country or department.

Streamlined Expense Reporting and Approval Processes

Offers a paperless online solution by automating expense report creation for employees, providing an online review and approval process for managers, and optimizing processing by accounting. Allows for identifying delays in approval times and generated reports for direct integration into the company ERP.

Tailored for Local Needs on Global Scale

Designed to automatically accommodate local business and legal practices, easily managing multiple global currencies, travel allowances, local VAT rates while automating local and foreign VAT declarations, income tax and benefits in kind while ensuring full compliance with various income tax laws, regulated per diem rates, vehicle mileage, local statutory reporting, corporate credit card data and more. Fully customizable and can be configured per region or department.

Complete Visibility

Provides powerful business intelligence tools with customizable, on-demand reporting for comprehensive data analysis of expenditures, ideal for companies with a mobile sales force and traveling approval managers. Extended drill-down capabilities for in-depth analysis of expense data to optimize vendor negotiations, management spend and reduce fraud.


Provides access for mobile workforces with applications designed for use on mobile devices including tablets and mobile phones.

Online Expense report and approval features

Hamilton Expense Report solution offers a very large range of features. Here are just some of the things included with the standard application.

  • Flexible workflows that can be changed on the fly.
  • Configurable user interface
  • Support for unlimited sub-processes
  • Mobile Access – Tablet and Mobile Phone
  • Integration to external ERP systems
  • Integration with external travel services or credit card reports
  • Automated and customized reporting
  • Multi-currency reporting
  • Multi-trip reporting
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Assign expenses billable to clients. A report can be generated.
  • Saving unfinished expense reports
  • Automated Compliance evaluation
  • Automation and preparation of printed forms and reports
  • Report Tracking Number assigned to all reports
  • Add scanned images of receipts for control, compliance evaluation and acocunting purposes.
  • Allocate GL accounts per line or per report
  • Allocate cost center per line
  • Control application of foreign exchange rates
  • Allocate tax allowable and non-allowable expenses to different accounts
  • Flag reconciled expense lines
  • Provide comments and propose adjustments to the initiator
  • Option to allow full editing of line items by accountant
  • Approve by expense line or whole report
  • Decline by expense line or whole report
  • Ask question to initiator or other process participant via the systems
  • List of approvals with time stamp. The system keeps a history of questions and answers
  • Notifications are sent if approver does not react on time.
  • Delegate approval tasks to another person in case of absence of the approver.

See it in Action

Client Testimonial

Automating expense and travel processes the company Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) is a subsidiary of the $48 billion pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., Inc. with its 86,000 employees spread out over more than 140 countries. An early stage subsidiary, MSD found itself with thousands of personnel dispersed over multiple subsidiaries, legal entities and offices. For more information you can see our case study here.