Product_Travel1Experience smooth online travel management

From initial travel requests to booking and trip approval for employees on the go, cloud-based HDS Travel uses an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to help you manage your corporate travel booking.

Designed to allow for easy configuration of approval limits, policies and the approval workflow, HDS Travel adapts to the specific travel requirements of your organization without lengthy development times.

Key advantages of HDS Travel:

  • Fast and efficient – easy-to-use travel supply process for everyone.
  • Complete control over corporate travel – provides just the right content to business travelers.
  • Full compliancy – conforms to both internal and external regulations
  • Reduce costs and gain visibility – gives you real-time reporting of travel expenditures.


Benefits of using online travel management

Simple, online travel requests

Manages the domestic or international travel booking process from initial request to approval and booking for both employees and guests: air tickets, railway tickets, daily allowances, transfers, visa applications, expenses and more.

Internal or External Travel Booking

Allows for both individual travel bookings and those through approved travel agencies or internal travel departments and access to issuing tickets, hotel vouchers and other services or generating a purchase request for travel agencies.

Automated compliance evaluation

Create pre-defined tables with information for your company’s specific travel policy, such as authorizations for business class tickets, hotel categories, and daily spending allowances per country, to automatically calculate travel requests for compliance. In cases of non-compliance, exemptions can be taken into account after manager approval and statistics run for a better visibility into travel expenditures.

Adapted to your approval workflow

Follows your company’s policy for business travel approval taking into account multi-level approval workflows by managers depending of the type of travel and can easily manage approval process delays due to absences via a system of notifications and delegation.

Flexible Payment Possibilities

Offers different payment options including travel agency invoicing or corporate credit card by matching invoices to travel orders or preparing payment orders for credit cards.

Control Travel expenditures

Creates preliminary trip budget, a time saver for approving back office staff and managers, while automated controls ensure spending follows approved travel policies.

Integrated Travel and Expense Reporting

When integrated with the HDS Expense, expense reports can be automatically linked to a specific trip making travel management easier for the accounting team and ensuring that expenses are only linked to pre-authorized travel.

Automated travel document preparation

Prepares required travel documentation in accordance with both local legislation and company rules and regulations: traveling certificates, travel or business trip orders, office tasks and more.

Integration with external travel systems

Creates purchase orders and processes invoices directly within an external agency’s booking service following established policies and procedures from preliminary budget to management approval. Works with well-known agencies such as American Express, Carlson Wagon-lit, BCD as well as local agencies Tsar Voyage, Aéroclub, Vip Service.

See it in Action

Client Testimonial

Automating expense and travel processes the company Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) is a subsidiary of the $48 billion pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., Inc. with its 86,000 employees spread out over more than 140 countries. An early stage subsidiary, MSD found itself with thousands of personnel dispersed over multiple subsidiaries, legal entities and offices. For more information you can see our case study here.