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Take control of mobile phone fleet expenditures

For companies with large centrally managed mobile phone fleets, Hamilton Mobile Phones creates streamlined workflows for invoices and payments while allowing for more visible control of employee usage.

How Mobile Phones works:

  • Electronic invoices from the mobile phone operator are automatically integrated into the system.
  • The information is split into individual spending reports, an email is sent to each employee.
  • Managers can access the reports and follow their teams’ spending.
  • Quarterly actual vs. set limit spend variance reports are issued by the system.
  • A workflow process for approval or denial of variance is sent to manager.
  • For a declined bill, a report of the difference is sent to payroll for deduction from salary.

Benefits of using mobile phone fleet management

Ensure uninterrupted service

Pay mobile phone invoices quickly while still ensuring that limits are in place to avoid indiscriminate spending.

Save costs

Make significant cost savings by better controlling business versus personal phone use by identifying inappropriate subscription plans and by better regulating phone restitution at end of employee contracts.

Save time

Optimize manager’s and accountant’s time by automating processes and reports such as accounting transactions and comparison of spending versus limits and by using paperless authorization processes.

Track spending

Better follow employees’ mobile phone usage and bill for unapproved overages thanks to automatic reports to managers.

Customize control

Set group or individual mobile phone spend limits using database with employee mobile data.

Simplify accounting process

Prepare automatic accounting transaction reports for the ERP.

See it in Action

Client Testimonial

With over 2,000 employees and almost as many different phone plans, Merck Russia needed to gain control over spending on mobile phone costs. One of their main objectives was to discourage an excessive use of company phones for personal purposes and to optimize the actual number of mobile phone contracts. By implementing HDS Mobile Phones, a 20% savings was realized during the first year. Moreover, thanks to improved visibility on phone usage, they also discovered opportunities to change subscription plans and to better control overall employee spending.