HDS Incident Manager


Key advantages of HDS Incident Manager

  • Improved service quality – Automates the registration and handling of incoming help requests
  • Increased visibility – complete traceability of opened and closed tickets
  • Customization – easily

Automate your Help Desk ticket management process

HDS Incident Manager is a SaaS-based ticket management solution that automates the registration and handling of incoming help requests. The solution offers complete traceability of opened and closed tickets and a reliable automated archiving system.

Requests are sent via an online form and routed to the correct person based on the type of request. HDS Incident Manager is available 24 hours per day from anywhere including your mobile devices. The flexible integrated workflow engine adapts the handling process to the request implementing reminders and priorities to ensure efficient handling, and most importantly improved customer satisfaction!

Features and Benefits

Traceability and no unanswered requests

Incident Tickets are entered directly into the system and routed to the designated support team. Email notifications are automatically sent to the requestor when a ticket is recorded. Additional alerts and notifications can be sent when requests are not handled in a timely fashion. No employee request remains without a response or action!

Smart Management of incoming requests

Manage and archive all incoming tickets from employees. Based on the type of request staff must select the next action and the person to whom the task is assigned. The system also allows the possibility of assigning certain values to a ticket such as priority, etc. This allows the management of a multi-level, help-desk structure, and the possibility of escalating issues internally.

Visibility and customer satisfaction

At any time an employee can go into the screen “My requests” to see the status of his ticket. This fosters increased employees satisfaction and provides transparency for the client.

Workflow overview

Once recorded into the system, you can set the status of each object and know when it has been handled, or can reroute the task to another person if a preset delay has expired. Different workflows and actions can be set up for different support levels or ticket types.

Automatic electronic archiving

All tickets and approval history is archived on the platform are recorded in the electronic archiving system and easily accessible.

Reports and statistics

HDS Help Desk measures the time from the submission of the request to the successful resolution. Access to these reports and other statistics on all recorded tickets can be run according to their source, status or processing times.

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