Common Features

Common features of all HDS products*

Cloud platform

All HDS products are built on a SaaS-based solution, or Cloud platform, which means that users and applications share a centrally maintained, single, common infrastructure and code base. This allows HDS to deploy updates and innovations rapidly across the entire platform. For example, any new compliance requirement that comes into effect, can be immediately added to the application and deployed immediately across the platform. HDS Group is fully responsible for maintaining the application, which allows companies to avoid making large initial investments on IT infrastructures and their costly maintenance, and gives users the advantage of a platform focused on constant innovation.


Customizable workflows

HDS products are designed to allow each company or user to easily customize the application to fit his or her business processes without affecting the common infrastructure. These customizations, tailored specifically for each company, are preserved through any upgrades, allowing HDS to innovate and improve the platform with less risk and much lower adoption cost while remaining completely secure and compliant with ISO27001 standards.


Customizable screens

HDS products use a familiar web-based interface. Their ease-of-use and constant innovation has helped drive rapid user adoption across the business. And, anytime, anywhere accessibility encourages employee use of the platform.


Compliant archiving

HDS products use electronic cloud archives for the secure storage of all documents uploaded to or generated by the platform, including approval requests or histories, electronic signatures and certificates of authenticity in their original content, attached files, etc. The documents are stored in non-modifiable PDF and/or TIF formats that are easy to search, retrieve and print via online tools.

Fully compliant with local taxation guidelines, for traceability and auditing purposes, documents are archived for a period of 10 years or longer and can be adapted to country-specific specifications for statutory tax purposes.


Comment function

HDS products allow all users to add comments directly on the approval document so that all user exchanges are centralized, avoiding parallel email discussions and improving workflow efficiency.


Language support

HDS products are housed on a multilingual platform allowing global businesses to better take into account cultural specificities.


Mobile access

HDS products allows employees to work from anywhere via a web browser through an available Internet connection. Mobile access to data from any networked device ensures that all users have access to the most up-to-date information at the same time.


Alerts, notifications, reminders

HDS products provide users with alerts, notifications and reminders to keep the approval process moving along in a streamlined and timely manner.


Extensive reporting options

HDS products provide comprehensive and customizable reporting options including automatic generation of reports in multiple formats for further upload into the client’s systems or analysis. Online reports and drill-down capabilities by user-defined criteria allow for the identification of discrepancies and ensure complete traceability and compliancy with internal polices.


ERP Integration

HDS products allow for ERP integration with your internal IT systems. For example, accounting and audit documents can be prepared automatically and input into a company ERP such as SAP or other 3rd party applications and technologies such as HR Systems, Oracle Databases, Single Sign-On.

*These features are available for all HDS enterprise solutions. Not all common features are available for HDS Approv’it software for small and medium sized businesses.

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