Secure Document Transfer

Secure document transferEncrypt, authenticate, track, archive.

Circulating sensitive documents over the Internet is part of everyday life, between employees within a company network or with external partners located around the world. With over 10 years experience creating software for global corporations, HDS understands the importance of using reliable, easy-to-use and compliant security technology for exchanging information.

HDS eDox technology is a high-level security platform providing encryption, authenticating, tracking and archiving of documents. The eDox feature can be added to most HDS products for companies desiring a complete, secure solution for data exchange.

HDS eDox security technology ensures:

  • Tight encryption using high-level security norms
  • Guarantee of origin for each document
  • Complete history and traceability of information
  • Protection of personal data
  • Complete and accurate data recovery
  • Recovery in date and time formats meeting international standards

Key advantages of using eDox security technology:

  • Attractive and easy-to-manage multilingual, user interface
  • Service Level Agreement and Technical Support
  • Full compliance with legal and tax requirements

How eDox works:

  • Encrypt: Upload documents for encryption, such as such as contracts, payslips or invoices. The system supports any document format such as xml, doc or any non-modifiable format such as PDF, TIFF… This can be done one document at a time or in multiple uploads. There are options for direct integration to your ERP.
  • Authenticate: Choose recipients and send the documents, electronically signed to confirm the identity of the sender and the integrity of the documents. Most digital signature and digital certificate solutions are available.
  • Track: The recipient receives an email with an encrypted link to the sent document. To comply with EU legislation regarding sensitive documents such as electronic invoicing, the recipient must confirm the receipt of the document before opening. The receipt acknowledgment is sent to the sender by email and recorded in the event history.
  • Archive: All documents, certificates and electronic signatures are stored in their original format, indexed chronologically and accessible by multi-criteria search. It is possible to download and save documents locally to comply with legal access and retrieval requirements.

Benefits of using HDS eDox security technology

  • Optimize costs and ensure confidentiality without significant, upfront, initial investment
  • Provide users with a secure, electronic record of sensitive documents
  • More reliable than paper documents
  • Full compliance with tax and legal regulations for electronic documents
  • Easy traceability of documents, certificates and electronic signatures
  • Quick retrieval through multi-criteria search and chronological indexing

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