Workflow Engine

Product_WorkflowWorkflow is an essential part of applications available on the HDS application Hub. The platform uses a workflow engine designed by our product engineers. We chose jBPM for the development of this essential layer of the platform because this open source technology is scalable and elastic. The main features of the HDS workflow engine are geared towards three objectives:

  • Flexibility – it is completely customizable without code modification
  • Multi-tenancy – different clients may have different task sequences for the same application
  • Traceability – maintain records of approval processes facilitate report generation for audits

These elements combined mean customers save time and money while being assured they completely meet compliance requirements. Find out more about this unique patent-pending technology here.

Some of the workflow features include:

  • Ability to set thresholds for authorization approval under the user’s profile
  • Possibility of notification by e-mail to the user that there is a job waiting, according to his profile
  • Possibility of automated recovery beyond a period to be defined (especially important to organize the recovery of receivables).
  • Ability to escalate to another user if left untreated.
  • Communication through the application (question / answer / comment).
  • Real time chat
  • Conservation of historical transactions in an electronic archive.

As with application screens and customer data, application processes are highly customizable. It’s possible to easily create multiple sub-processes to any process. These can be called up if certain criteria are met, a compliance rule is not met, a local requirement is necessary etc.

See it in Action