Cloud Delivery

Product_Techology_Cloud1Robust, Secure, Cloud Delivery

By working in the cloud, an organization will be flexible and cost efficient and they can easily respond to changing market needs, internal demands, and the arrival of new technologies. Cloud technologies bring numerous additional advantages.

Lower investment costs

With cloud-based solutions it is no longer necessary to spend valuable investment funds on in-house servers and complex infrastructure technology. This means reduced maintenance and hardware costs and no additional costs for product upgrades.

Supporting innovation

The Hamilton Cloud based secure technology architecture enables continuous innovation. As compliance requirements and accounting rules are changing at a rapid pace, this architecture has been designed to adapt and innovate at a rapid rate. This means that the application developers are focused on what’s next, rather than on maintaining numerous versions of old code.


Hamilton Decision Solutions use a multitenant architecture, in which all users and applications share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained. Because Hamilton clients are all on the same infrastructure and code base, future software updates can innovate more quickly and save the valuable development time previously spent on maintaining numerous versions of outdated code.

Easy deployment

Because the solution is a software-as-a-service solution the end user needs only a web browser to access applications. No software installation is necessary and all major browsers and operating environments are supported. The familiar web-based interface helps to drive adoption across the business. The web access means deployment headaches are a thing of the past.

Reliable technology

Our platform runs smoothly without disruptions. Our cloud is built from the ground up to produce a reliable service that eliminates and minimizes service interruptions and data losses. We achieve this by employing high levels of redundancy in the way we store our data and the key hardware components that are essential for smooth operations. By migrating to the cloud, our customers benefit from our specialized knowledge and substantial investment in a robust hardware and software platform. Likewise, all our servers are located in high security, high service, dedicated data centers that ensure their physical integrity.

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