HDS Approv ‘it

aprove it

Simple approval workflows (software) for SMBs

A number of powerful workflow products exist for companies looking to streamline the approval process. But, they are often perceived as too complicated for small organizations to implement. Moreover, they are often dedicated to only one specific application.

HDS Approv’it is an online platform that fully covers the basic document approval needs of small and medium sized businesses with a desire to implement workflows for a simple approval process. For use with any document type including purchases, contracts, hiring and invoices, approvals can be managed by just one or a few people.

How it works

Approv’it workflow in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Complete approval request form. Select document type and complete requested information. Upload any pertinent documents.
  • Step 2: Approval request is sent to designated approver’s inbox with all information needed to approve or decline the request. Questions can be submitted via the platform and sent back to the requester.
  • Step 3: Request is approved. Confirmation is sent to the requestor. All documents and information are archived.

Approv’it allows for three levels of customization:

  • Type of approval: Define the type of request (purchase request, invoice approval, hiring, contract, etc.) Request categories can also be customized.
  • Approval steps: Manage the desired steps in the approval process per category.
  • Interface/approval screens: Activate or deactivate the fields to be shown on each screen depending on type of approval process.

Activity and sub-activity for different type of request. (Ex. For invoice approval: Category= Personal expenses; sub-category=training).
Process or sub-process for different categories. (Ex. Approval process for hardware is different than approval process for services.)

Benefits of using approval workflows for small businesses


Better control of expenses

Ideal for helping small business owners to better control their organization by implementing approval processes resulting in improved management of expenses.

Dedicated to small business needs

A simple yet flexible approval workflow solution designed with just the right features for smaller companies, ensuring the business owner has full visibility and control of revenue and expenditures. by the business owner.

Quick to implement

A SaaS based product allows for ease in adding new users and changing workflows on the fly.

Easy-to-use, powerful solution

Based on the same technology running the workflow engine in our enterprise product, it is possible to configure a single person approval process either for the entire workflow or for each type of expense.

Many reporting options

Comprehensive reporting based on expense type, by requestor or by period allows for detailed analysis.

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