Flexible decision-making

Customization without being customized

Quick, compliant and precise decision-making depends on having access to the right information at the right time. However, rapidly changing legislation, new government regulations and stringent compliance requirements combined with the complexity of far-flung mobile teams increases the challenge managers face in day-to-day decision- making. The advent of cloud-based software has given companies access to innovative automated business process solutions to help manage these challenges. But, how can managers still stay flexible in an evolving business landscape and confidently make sound business decisions without losing out on opportunities?

A cloud-based, parameter-driven application

Traditionally, in order for a company to benefit from a customized approach to its business processes, there was no choice but to turn to complex IT systems with lengthy development times that required massive amounts of programming. Today, the use of standard cloud-based applications give managers access to simple, quick-to-implement solutions to help automate the business processes. But, every business still has its specific needs when it comes to day-to-day decision-making processes.

Thanks to years of working with global customers from various industries, Hamilton is able to build industry best practices into a standard cloud-based solution. We then take this solution one-step further by adding a high degree of customization possibilities. To achieve this, we use a parameter-driven application that requires simple user configuration and not programming, thus avoiding a lengthy IT system implementation. All application screens, customer data and application processes can be configured to the company needs. This allows a company to customize the solution to fit virtually all cases in their day-to-day operations with not only reduced complexity but also assured compliance. The company maintains complete flexibility and control over the decision-making process.

Customization for fast deployment and rapid change

Customization gives companies more overall flexibility in their business process solution, allowing for faster deployment times and the ability to rapidly make changes in evolving economic cycles. Flexibility is crucial to staying in control of day-to-day decision-making. In a company’s growth years, speed is the driving factor in order to respond to increased demand. Whereas in a slow down, costs and margins should to be tightly controlled and monitored. In each case, changes to business processes need to happen quickly.

Hamilton’s parameter-based solutions allow companies to quickly adapt and customize virtually any element of the decision-making process without requiring additional developer time. Companies optimize their business and gain the competitive advantage.

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